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Father, Healer,


Athlete, Teacher, 

High Performance Coach


Dr. Izzo received his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College and his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from C.W. Post College. Dr. Izzo has been practicing since 1980, and has a broad background in integrated health care with a special interest in clinical nutrition. He teaches and lectures on the subject of nutritional psychology, understanding the “issues in the tissues” and has made numerous appearances on radio and television. His clinical experience of integrating conventional medicine with advanced clinical nutrition, spiritual practices and other holistic modalities make for a more effective and comprehensive approach in treating the “whole person.”

He has presently left his full time healing practice and is fully dedicated to teaching the way of Enlightenment as well as being passionate about initiating others into finding their personal power and purpose and thus achieving freedom in their world. Dr. Izzo’s understanding and practical application of the principles of spirit and science provide a unique context for healing, enlightenment, and real transformation.



  • Chiropractor

  • Clinical Nutritionist

  • Attunement Master Teacher/Practitioner

  • Third Degree Reiki Master

  • Certified in the Japanese Healing Art of Johrei

  • Quantum Bio-Feedback Practitioner

  • Homotoxicology Practitioner

  • Life Transformational and Wellness Coach

  • Entrepreneur and Wealth Coach




  • Founder of Huntington Chiropractor & Wellness Center 1980-89

  • Center for Health, Healing & Attunement  1989-96

  • Co-Director Center Point Integrated Health & Counseling 1996-present

  • Former Vice President of International Whole Health Institute

  • Board of Directors, Alumni, CW Post College of Long Island University 1999-2003




  • Former professional football player NFL & WFL 1974-77

  • CW Post football Hall of Fame

  • Harborfields High School Wall of Fame

The leader of today is the ordinary person who has awakened to their extraordinary sense of personal purpose and power. They are also passionately driven to helping others do the same as well as being fully committed to bringing their gifts into the world. This is the new planetary citizen shaping the New Community and this is the passionate network shaping the new World.




I provide a professional healing services which recognizes that the realm of human consciousness is the most powerful tool (technology) for healing and re-creation, and it is through the spiritual regeneration, purification and unification of consciousness that ultimately liberates the body, mind and soul from the realm of sickness and disease.

"To compassionately lead people through the stages of transformation and healing utilizing both conventional and complimentary therapies.  I honor the personal process of healing in everyone and recognize the sacred relationship between the person and the planet.  I see this relationship as being whole unto itself."

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I have nothing but tremendous respect for Dr. Izzo. I can't speak to the chiropratic side of things but he is a master healer and teacher - light years ahead of almost everyone else out there in the healing professions and on the cutting edge of some of the most advanced healing and restorative techniques imaginable. I recommend him without qualification.

Jeffrey Daniels

New York

Lenny Izzo is a mentor that changed my life! His brilliant mindset training gave me the focus & confidence to be in fierce in creating a life I love. 

Jenna Knudsen

​Lenny Izzo changed the trajectory of my life.  As a Doctor, mentor, and coach he has supported me to become the man I am today. Our continued work together is something I value and look forward to every week.

Gabe Hoffman

Co Founder of Evolution of Medicine, Entrepreneur, Life Transformation Coach

Dr. Izzo provides the wisdom and mentoring of the long lost tribal elder.  He has done something far greater than "improving" my life - he has given me the tools and inspiration to improve it myself.

Bob Doyle


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