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A Doorway for Change
Entering the New Age of Harmonic Resonance


Welcome to the Transformation Initiative. I have created this site because of a deep longing within my heart to provide a place of sanctuary within a changing and chaotic world. All are welcome within this virtual preserve. If you have been directed here through any conscious intent of your own or someone else or if you have come across this site serendipitously simply pay attention. Walk your mind and your heart through this refuge of information and as you pay attention to what it is you are seeking you will either resonate with the content that is contained here or you will not. For those of you who resonate with the material on this site you are welcome to nurture your own deeper longing and desires for healing, for awakening and enlightenment and ultimately for the discovery of your own essential Self, that one inside who wields authentic power.

When I began to create this I asked myself what is the message that I am compelled to offer and what are the themes that would accurately embody this mission.? I asked then another question; What does the world need now more than ever before? To find the answer I had to go deeper within myself and ask yet another set of questions first. Who am I? Why am I here? And what is it that I am here to contribute? “The answers that appeared are the three primary gateways to transformation that anchor this project. Healing, Awakening and Enlightenment and most importantly Authentic Leadership, thus the birth of the Transformation Initiative. I am not alone in this mission as you will realize for yourself.

The inspiration, the knowledge, and the direction that you draw from on this site is part of a greater collective transformation. This collective movement as you will discover, if you haven’t already, was “consciously initiated well before our time and civilization began. As you walk through TTI you will discover there has always been a conscious grouping of people on this planet dedicated to the evolution and ascendency of human consciousness. An Enlightened grouping of leaders, men and women. This leadership is taking form through people who are simply willing to find themselves, discover who we really are and take the journey of heal the past through Forgiveness, becoming enlightened through Inspiration and then actively embracing personal leadership through Intention.

The new leadership of today is being described by many contemporary masters as those who are willing to live an “An Authentic Life”.

This is the new community of leadership emerging today and we recognize each other through the look in our eyes and the resonance of our hearts and minds. If you are still reading these words then welcome because you are part of this larger community, everyone truly is but some are simply aware of it. If you are here then know this; you are part of a larger family, you are and always have been loved, and you have a special place and purpose within this new emerging world which we are ushering in together.


Welcome to the site.
Keep the Glue Sticky
Len Izzo

An Important Disclaimer

This site is a work in progress and any and all material you encounter here has been contributed to by myself and many others. We encourage you to “Not believe anything you read”. Don’t necessarily dis-believe what is said here as well. Simply pay attention. Let your inspiration and your hunger for Truth lead the way. I trust as you stay with your process you will eventually discover what it is you are seeking and if in that moment you find it reveals your Truth, congratulations, you are Free. Now go free someone else because that is the only way you can maintain your freedom. Serve the community and contribute.

The transformation is more than change toward a better or more healthier life. It is transformation toward the highest, most noble, healthy, and grounded part of you. We have crossed a threshold and there is no turning back.

— Gary Zukav, Spiritual partnership and The Journey to Authentic Power

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