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Healing can be simply stated as the process which returns the human condition to the original state of being, or the capacity to regenerate oneself, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is an original state, a natural order to what it means to be human and to have the qualities to heal.  All Life is capable of healing and regenerating. If you have ever cut you’re finger you have experienced the most basic laws of healing at work without any apparent interference. Simply put a band aid on and wait for the skin to regenerate itself. We trust this healing and don’t ever question whether life would heal or not heal. We take this level of healing for granted. It’s expected.  Healing the physical body is governed by a higher principle and this code to renew and regenerate is built into our DNA, into our life’s code.


Accessing the Code to Renew Ourselves and Our World

Today there is so much confusion within the realm of healing and people are waking up to the fact that we yet don’t have within our global culture a clearly defined system for healing.  What has been established in the last few hundred years is a disease care model, or a health care model.  We have called our medical model health care but in actual fact we have created a system of science and practice which identifies dysfunction and degeneration, names the end stages with over 4,000 different labels called diagnoses and then treats the name of a process that has been identified as threatening and attempts to suppress the direction of demise and degeneration. (See Wellness Continuum by Dr. John Travis).  This clearly works well in crisis but does little to significantly change or transform the crisis. We have learned to live with crisis and this is our gift as well as our curse.

Those who are awakening to a higher standard of healing clearly recognize that as we cross the plane of December 21, 2012 we are entering into a new time and space of possibility.  One that is bringing a renewed perspective of what healing is truly about.  Within this elevated view of a shifting paradigm around healing we are realizing that healing is multidimensional and pervasive to our existence. Life heals, constantly and continuously and in order to restore an individual or a global community to our original state of balance, harmony and extended life, we must return first to the original design, our original nature, yes even our Mother nature which governs all healing.  Healing of the body, healing of our minds and our way of thinking, and so importantly today the healing of our emotional hearts is the new foundation for a new more holistic model of health and healing.

We understand clearly now that healing of the body is also a process which requires the engagement of the mind and emotions.  Even in the simple example that I gave of healing the finger science now understands that all tissue seems to be controlled and organized from a higher principle, an organized field in which the body is contained and within this organized field the cells are self-regulating and self- renewing.

So as you peruse this section on healing it is my desire that you find some morsel of information within the vast sea of information today that actually makes sense to you and also inspires and directs you in your journey of healing.  The last words on healing are far from being said.  And yet the first word for healing has clearly been offered for in the beginning was the Word, the Tone, even the vibration which is our higher principle and still governs all healing and recreation. It is in this spirit of blessing and renewal that the Transformation Initiative offers as best we can this doorway to Healing.

The upper class of medicines ….govern the nourishment of destiny and correspond to heaven…….If one wishes to prolong the years of life without aging, one should (use these).

The middle class of medicines…govern the nourishment of one’s nature and correspond to man….If one wishes to prevent illness and to supplement depletions and emaciations; one should (use these).


The lower class of medicines…govern the illness and correspond to the earth.  If one wishes to r remove, cold, heat, and other (evil) influences (from the body), to break accumulations, and to cure illness, one should base (one’s efforts) on (drugs listed in) the (lower class of this) manual.”

-Shen Nong Ben Cao - China’s oldest herbal text

Today as we individually and collectively move through this doorway of time-space as Greg Braden describes it, we are experiencing significant changes in the field of health and healing.  New thought as well as new information introducing us to a full spectrum of healing technologies is profusely becoming available.  What we are also realizing is that the most advanced medium for healing and transformation is the conduit of human consciousness.  Yes the most powerful mechanism for healing and transformation is the consciousness of an individual.  I am sure you have heard the aphorism “change your mind to change your Life, change your life change your health.  All parts of this equation are interchangeable.

Healing requires change and the change that is fundamentally essential is to shift our identity as well as our diet and life style.  According to the quote above, the author of China’s oldest medical text, the highest purpose of the healer and of healing is in “helping a person fulfill Destiny in order to live out the years as allotted by heaven”.  This would suggest that there already exists within the individual as well as within the individuals (energy field), our heaven, a code for a life yet lived.  To access this code was at one time considered the highest level of healing available. What St. John’s Revelation calls “Opening your Book of Life” orin other words revealing our destiny.  Back then in ancient China it was not just about treating with the lower class of medicines, or treating illness.  It was also about accessing the person’s true potential for longevity and prosperity.

Today we see the emergence of a wellness revolution and a shift away from merely treating disease to a more ascended perspective of promoting wellness and preventing crisis.  Not only are we understanding the concepts of wellness but more importantly we are developing the technologies and systems capable of measuring and treating a cellular process well before it even develops into disease.  True prevention is simply maintaining healthy function.  This emergence of this new paradigm of healthcare is called, Functional Medicine.

Change is the key and change is a process that involves for distinct steps. The Wellness Continuum describes these steps and was developed by Dr. John Travis in the 1970’s’:

1) Awareness    2) Education   3) Action taken on the previous information    4) Change and Healing












Another central precept to advanced healing is the evolving awareness that the highest level of healing is a multidimensional process.  Our present day “disease care” model treats the symptoms of a degenerative condition solely from the level of the physical manifestation.  Accessing high level healing involves understanding all the parts and how the body, mind, emotions and even spirit integrate into a coherent operating whole or in other words understanding the issues in the tissues.

As you peruse through this section you will find information and practical advice designed to lead you through the four phases of healing as Dr. John Travis defined it more than 30 years ago.  You will also find information and sensible knowledge about the technologies and advanced approaches to reversing the aging process, living longer and most importantly awakening your inner code for discovering personal purpose through healing and revealing personal destiny.  This is what Shen Nong Ben Cao described thousands of years ago. Your world awaits your healing and so does your Soul.



Life is nothing but a dream, and if we are artists, then we can create our life with love, and our dreams become a masterpiece of art.

— Don Miquel Ruiz

So why don’t people heal from certain diseases? What is obstructing this code? We are answering this question with greater awareness as we move through this time of change and transformation. What is recognized today is that healing is a “multidimensional” experience. We as human beings are multidimensional, we are not only physical in our nature but we also have a capacity to think and feel seemingly more advanced than any other species that exist.


So then, let’s get back to the question as well as ask some even more imperative ones.  Why don’t people heal? Why aren’t you healing?  What actually needs healing beyond our physical reality?  These questions are being asked and answered in today’s shifting paradigm of healing and Transformation. This section on Healing explores the many dimensional levels of healing as well as gives specific education and direction, leadership, to the actual process of healing.

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