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Medicine and technology share a similarity in the way that they have developed and spread in human society. Medicine was once the realm of only an educated elite and it was looked upon as mysterious. Technology has its roots in the very first tools that humans ever used. However, as computers became more advanced in the last few decades, understanding them seemed to become an unreachable goal.

The latest trends and widespread education have begun to put medical understanding and technology in the hands of an increasingly large number of people. Bioresonance is another development in biotechnology that is eventually going to make life easier and healthier for the entire human race. It is one of many alternatives to medicine and traditional methods of healing that are revolutionizing human health and the economic world as well.

What Is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance aids natural healing in the body because it is a non-invasive procedure. Many modern medical treatments cause conflicting issues in the human body. Take, for example, chemotherapy. This cancer treatment has had success against a terrible foe. However, it also wreaks havoc on the body at the same time. The Sensativ Imago approach uses measurements of bioresonance in order to diagnose human disease. Taking these measurements does not do any harm and gives doctors a better chance of understanding and reacting to illness and injury.

Scientists and physicians have known for a long time that the body generates electrical impulses. In fact, all muscles function through electric impulses created by ions that interact with muscle fibers. Knowing this, though, and knowing how to use the information produced during an electrical impulse are two different things. The makers of the S-Imago device understand how to read these impulses and interpret their meanings.

Various scientists made ventures in the early 20th century to understand the phenomenon of the electromagnetic frequencies produced by living human flesh. Though separated by time and space, many researchers came to similar conclusions. They all realized that the reality experienced by the living does not entirely match up with the stimulus and response theory that pervades in modern medicine and biology. These theories, oddly enough, are based on one of the most commonly accepted axioms of physics. They decree that matter and energy are interchangeable and that the human body, therefore, is both a material phenomenon and an energetic phenomenon.

How Does It Work?

Since the goal is to know and understand the body’s electrical output, most bioresonance focuses on reading the human energy field. This is accomplished by applying electrodes to various points on the body. These electrodes initially measure the tissue frequency of the cells in the patient’s body.

Through education and experience, practitioners learn the difference between the signals generated by healthy cells and the distorted signals emitted by pathogens. An S-imago device further assists doctors by distinguishing between the healthy oscillations in the distorted signal and its non-harmonious aspects.

Now the non-invasive, energy healing begins. The professional operating the bioresonance device begins to invert and return these non-harmonious signals back to the body. These inverted oscillations counter the original signals. In response, the cells generating these distorted signals begin to generate healthy frequencies. They heal themselves.

Why Is Bioresonance Preferable?

The most important aspect of bioresonance therapy is that it tries to treat the whole human being and not just the disease. Many doctors try to do this but their training focuses on pathology and little else. Bioresonance devices and techniques, such as those used by S-Imago, Scio or Biocom, are also non-invasive. They do not threaten the patient with adverse reactions or infections.

From a professional standpoint, this technology is ideal because it can increase the number of successful treatments without increasing outlay for drugs or the usage of expensive equipment. The Sensativ Imago device, for example, outperforms CAT scans and MRI machines in its ability to picture internal organs and their conditions. Treatments that are more successful mean a higher patient turnover and increased satisfaction. When doctors know that they are really healing people, their own satisfaction gets a boost as well.

To learn more about bioresonance healing and the different ways that it is applied, visit some websites that describe devices produced by S-Imago, Biocom and Scio among others. These sites are most pertinent for doctors, who will have the medical training to understand them. Many modern doctors are also driven by the desire to have a greater impact on the health of their patients. Bioresonance devices will help them fulfill that desire.

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