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Need a fantastic speaker? You’ve found him.

Whether you want to bring fresh ideas into your organization, shake up your event with an insightful and entertaining talk, or get help creating a presentation that blows people’s minds, Dr. Izzo is a great fit.

He has a distinct way of connecting with people. He’s passionate and intuitive, taking people on a journey through his words. He has an innate ability to weave information so people can understand it from the heart and connect to the deeper truth. Lenny has a way of finding the essence or the soul or the heart behind the topics he discusses.  Dr. Izzo’s presentations will keep you thinking outside the box.

Style and length of talks: This can vary from keynote speeches of 30-60-90 minutes, to smaller groups, workshops and private events for a couple hours.

Previous clients and groups include: Key note speaker for High School and College Athletic Events, football teams, group workshops, wellness conferences, FM radio stations, talk radio, local cable TV stations, athletic banquets, network marketing national events, Long Island Wellness Expo, teachers organizations, hospital staff administrators, network marketing national events.

Sample Topics:

Healing & Healthcare

  • Telomere Regeneration: Fact or Fiction

  • Moving Beyond Your DNA

  • Detox

  • Weight Loss

  • Energy Healing and the Evolution of Medicine

  • The Heart of Integrated Healthcare

  • The Wellness Revolution

  • Men’s Health

  • The New Breed of Healer

  • Functional Medicine and the Evolution of Healing

  • Neurobiology: A New Frontier in 21st Century Medicine

  • Energy Medicine

  • Why Teachers and Doctors Die Young

  • The Role of Consciousness in Healing



  • The Value of Athletics in Building Inner Character

  • The Value of Sports and  Athletics in Our Educational System

  • Understanding Concussions from the Inside Out

  • Accessing the Inner Warrior in Athletics


Personal Growth & Development

  • Accessing Your Destiny

  • The Challenge of Male Initiation in a Non Initiated Culture

  • The Journey of the Spiritual Warrior

  • Body, Mind, Medicine: Understanding the Issue in the Tissue

  • From Cosmos to Clinic

  • Healing as a Spiritual Journey

  • The Human Energy Field

  • Accessing the Genius Within

  • A New Paradigm in Education

Interested in booking Dr. Izzo for your next event?

Contact Dr. Izzo and he will respond quickly and and see if your needs, budget and timing match his.

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