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A Doorway for Change

Restoring The Global Soul One Person At A Time


Healing can be simply stated as the process which returns the human condition to the original state of being, or the capacity to regenerate oneself, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is an original state, a natural order [More…]


“Somewhere down in the underworld we were created by the Great Spirit, the Creator.  We were created first one, then two, then three.  We were created equal, of oneness, living in a spiritual way, where life is [More…]


In the epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings written by University of Oxford professor J.R.R. Tolkien,  you will recall that Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), son of Arathorn and heir of Isildur, as a child, was called [More…]



Diamond Mindset Training for Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Businesses


Healing - Men's Health - Energy Medicine - Athletics - Personal Growth


WFL wide receiver and punt returner for the Philadelphia


I have nothing but tremendous respect for Dr. Izzo. I can't speak to the chiropratic side of things but he is a master healer and teacher - light years ahead of almost everyone else out there in the healing professions and on the cutting edge of some of the most advanced healing and restorative techniques imaginable. I recommend him without qualification.

Jeffrey Daniels

New York

Lenny Izzo is a mentor that changed my life! His brilliant mindset training gave me the focus & confidence to be in fierce in creating a life I love. 

Jenna Knudsen

​Lenny Izzo changed the trajectory of my life.  As a Doctor, mentor, and coach he has supported me to become the man I am today. Our continued work together is something I value and look forward to every week.

Gabe Hoffman

Co Founder of Evolution of Medicine, Entrepreneur, Life Transformation Coach

Dr. Izzo provides the wisdom and mentoring of the long lost tribal elder.  He has done something far greater than "improving" my life - he has given me the tools and inspiration to improve it myself.

Bob Doyle


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