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Bioenergy Workshop

Anyone who suffers from low energy or fatigue, chronic sleep disorders, or weakness/discomfort in the body… they NEED to attend this free workshop.

Why? Because the evolution of medicine now understands that we have to address cellular health and the bioenergenics in order to heal anything. Dealing with a commonly undiagnosed, epidemic and untreated health challenge like chronic fatigue is not easy - it's a pretty complex process, and not just a single remedy treatment

Join me, Dr. Lenny Izzo, for a 1 hour session where I’ll teach you all about the 3 primary reasons why people don’t heal, and the exact plan to follow to fix these issues all naturally utilizing a revolutionary new bioenergenic technology.

You’ll discover:
* The 1 primary reason why people aren’t healing today
* The 3 specific steps towards reclaiming your health
* And you’ll leave with a clear direction how to get your health back…

Claim your FREE spot now!

Free Talk on How to Reclaim Your Power to Heal Through This Revolutionary Energy Technology

Wednesdays, November 8th and November 15th
7:30 - 8:30 PM

Presented by Dr. Len Izzo

202 East Main Street, Suite 102
Huntington NY 11743

Please RSVP

631-547-LIFE (5433) or through our Contact page.


I hope you can join me for an informative and fun evening.  I will delve a bit deeper into the principles of Energy Healing and have a question and answer period as well.

There has been and will always be Another Way. You have to go outside the familiar to discover it though.

I look forward to seeing you at the Center.
"If any are bound, none are free."   

~Dr. Lenny Izzo       

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